Counting Crows

Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings

Can you see me up on a building
From down on the pavement
Or out in the crowd?

Can you see me
In the glare of the lamp post?
'Cause I am walking a tightrope
Into the moon

I don't want
Feel so different
But I don't want
To be insignificant
And I don't how to see
The same things different now

Oh, can you see me?
I am one in a million
Yeah, I'm Icarus falling
Out of the sun
She sees me falling
A line of spotlights
And chalk lines
Through night black
As a bedroom
And white as a lie


Diving through the dark
While the night turns blue
And you wear your intentions
As I wear my intentions
So clear

If you see me, wading through water
Or come drowning a river
Right in front of the world

Hey, if you crash ? my anger
'Cause it's as bright as white paper
But it's as dark as a girl

(Chorus 2x)

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