Counting Crows

New Amsterdam

All of the sudden she dissapears
just yesterday she was here
somebody tell me if i am sleeping
someone should be here with me
(cause i dont wanna be alone)

i wanna be the knife that cuts into my hand
and i wanna be scattered from here in this catapult
What a big baby won't somebody save me please
You won't find nobody home

all of these quiet battered voices
wait for the hunger to come
we got little revolvers and stupid choices
and no one to say when we're done
(Well i don't wanna bring you down)

i wanna be the light that burns out your eyes
'cause i know there's little things about me
that would sing in the silence of so much rejection
in every connection i make
i can't find nobody home
i wanna be the last thing you hear when you're falling asleep...

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