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All My Failures

Counting Crows

Underwater Sunshine (or what we did on our summer vacation)

Addressing a prayer into the air
And the shadows of lights
So nobody heard love's not for words
In a world at the end of it's night

For everyone that left me
They're so easy to forget
'Cause I haven't let my failures hit me yet.

Your voice on the phone
The blood from the stone
And tears that I can't understand
As if I could heal the guilt I don't feel
Or by silently giving my hand

Well, I'm sure I'd never loved you
It'd be too fierce and too correct
'Cause I haven't let my failures hit me yet

May my demon reveal itself tenderly
May he not leave me broken
May he leave me to be

So wherever I'm bound
My ear to the ground and my thoughts on their way back to you
As eternity's slave, you could write that on my grave
When I'm finished resisting it's true

While I'm shaking hands with darkness
It's with the warm wind that I admit
That I haven't let my failures hit me yet

Compositor: Original de Dawes

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