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Little Miss Letyouknow

Corpus Christii

Dear little miss letyouknow.
You've taken advantage of my feelings for you for the last time.
I don't know what you want from me.
I'm not a dog you can put on a leash.
OH these are the last words you'll ever hear from me
You're just a ghost of what will never be.
You're just a ghost of what will never be.
You said you'd let me know... then you never said a word to me.
You said that I would be the first to know.
Then you took his hand and walked away and I was the first to go.
Don't you come lookin' for me 'cause I'm already gone.
I'm over this and over you and now I'm movin' on.
Do you want an apology for treating you with respect?
You're only lying to yourself and loneliness is all that you can expect.
So long...
I'm movin on.
When it comes to goodbyes I give the best around, but if you’re lookin' for a good time, ya best try a different town.
C'mon, so long miss letyouknow.
So long...
I'm movin on

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