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I Get Lonely

Corbin Bleu

Another Side

Sound of the rain on the roof of my car
It haunts me in my sleep
Passengers' side wearing that red scarf
that I got you for our anniversary
That's where you sat when you said to me
you think that space is what you need
time to decide where you wanna be
so now everytime that it rains


i get lonely
i begin to miss your touch
i get lonely
start to reminiss a lots
i get lonely
as if rain isn't sad enough
everytime it starts to rain on me
i get lonely

you had a smile like summertime
and hair like a gentle breeze
a sudden change in the weather now
you are no longer with me
you wanted space i gave the universe
you wanted time i gave eternity
tears of the sky remind me of the hugs
so now everytime that it rains


wicked memories (wicked memories)
playing with my mind (playing with my mind)
leaves me mentally solitarily confined
you took a part of me
and i am not the same
constantly reminded by the rain


i get lonely
i get so lonely
everytime it starts to rain on me
i get lonely

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