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Mary Jane (I'm in Love With)


She's my inspiration
My part time occupation
The catalyst and my consumation
In my quest for education
No one could ever take her place and
No assimilation, so save you false accusations
I accept no imitations

So that's the situation without further hesitation
Let me continue my demonstration
For the congregation
To break it down for all y'all simple and plain
I got a love for a girl named mary jane


Whatcha know about mary jane?
How ya'll feel about mary jane
Ya'll don't know about mary jane
'cause she's my main thing

Whatcha know about mary jane?
How ya'll feel about mary jane
Ya'll don't know about mary jane
She makes my heart sing

As I walk around the edges of my mind
In an attempt to contemplate
What it really is that makes me tick
I'm reminded of emotions that saturate
My thoughts like sunshine
It always ain't the first time

That I'm feelin' this, feelin that
I'm feelin' that
They don't know about my baby
And the healing power
It makes a strong man stronger
And a crazy man sing
I'm talkin about mary jane

Mary's potent, see, yes it opens me
And makes me see things in a way
I'd never thought I'd see
Mary ease pain
And mary never complains
Mary jane penetrates the brain
Y'know what I'm sayin'


I'm not the first
And I probably won't be the last
I ain't mad at mary 'cause
Mary always makes me laugh
Mary brings light to the darkness
Let me spark one up quickly
Before they come and get me

Don't listen to what they say 'cause
Mary never contrary
Mary mary very
Nececessary extraordinary
Me and mary to the mortuary
Just one kiss on her sweet lips
And I become a visionary

Mary never the same
Mary don't change
Mary make a man walk a mile in the rain
Mary mary never temporary
She's my sanctuary
And when the love comes down
I'm the beneficiary

Some say if it's this good
Then it must be wrong
But mary makes me feel so good
'cause mary lasts so long
Mary mary got no secondary
Sweeter than a cherry
Blackberry, or a strawberry

Without mary, life ain't complete
'cause mary don't lie, mary don't steal
And mary don't cheat
Let me break it down for all y'all
Simple and plain
I've got a love for a girl named mary jane


I'm in love with with mary jane
I'm not the only one
Mary likes to play around
I let her have her fun

She's not the kind of girl
That you can just tie down
Mary likes to spread her love
And turn my head around

I'm in love with mary jane
She's my main thing
She makes me feel alright
Makes my heart sing

And when I'm feelin' low
It comes as no surprise
Turns me on with her love
Takes me to paradise

Do you love me, mary jane?


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