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Let's do It


Let's do it! Get to it!
Let's do it! Get to it!
Let's do it! Get to it!
Let's do it!

[Verse 1]
Another Saturday night and I'm feelin kinda slothy
I'm down with the forty but I don't want no forty
Even though I'm thirsty and I'm hungry I need some
Peep this but not up in my stomach
I wanna chop your cherry tree I can't tell a lie
Somethings on the rise what a surprise
I called up the homies and said, "Let's go the spot!"
Where the drinks are cold, and the girls ain't too hot
Now we in the house, but the house is kinda empty
Rats run around the room
But, wait, I spoke too soon
Ah, damn, look what done walked in
Pumps and a bump, breath smellin like gin
Baby, you look good with that blue dress on
Maybe some day me and you can be as one
Let's get to know each other better
I can sing you a song, and you can write me a love

Baby, you can do it, take your time, do it right
(Let's do it, get to
You can do it, baby, baby (Let's do it, get to it)
Baby, you can do it, take your time, do it right
(Let's do it, get to
You can do it, baby, baby (Let's do it, get to it)

[Verse 2]
Damn, I'm feelin frisky
Come and sit down wit me
Conversate about hanky panky
And a little dranky wanky
Tell me bout your innermost thoughts, wants, neeeds
and your desires
And I'll tell you about mine
We can spend some quality time
You want a man with vision, who ain't afraid to listen
I wanna mention I can hit that ass in thirty-six
And, I just want a regular old fashion high hoochie
With love for her daddy, anytime he want it
Bring home the turkey bacon and fry it in the pan
Or, some filet minon and still let me know I'm the man
I'm the doctor, and you can play the nurse
But we got to have patience
Even though we hella anxious
Let's take it slow and procede with caution
Cause love just don't come round here too often
So take my number, and we'll get together later
And I'll take yours, I'm out like the L.A. Raiders


[Verse 3]
A few months went by with phone calls and some dinners
Moonlit nights with Marvin Gaye, Dramatics, and The
Top down on the Vette watching California sunsets
And pretty soon we developed that respect
That we needed so we was here to get the relationship
And hot and bothered, no what I'm meanin?
It started slow with some kisses and some touches
A few more weeks went by cause we didn't wanna rush it
They say a fast horse don't win no races
And I'm a witness cause real winners always take
steady paces
Hand in hand, woman to man
I know everything about her and she know everything
about me and
We made love for the first time
In the right way, in the perfect state of mind
It's a whole lot mo than your average bump 'n grind
You better get yours, cause I got mine

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

[Bridge: Repeat 2X]
Take, take your time (Take, take your time)
Take your time (Take your time)
Take your time (Take your time, get to it)

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

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