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I Like Girls


Coolio. com

Ooh wee I like girls, I like girls
I like girls

Is you, in it to win it, though
in it to spend it witchu
Knew what you were looking for
from the beginning
You wanna make it with chips
that's holding the riffs
Floating gators and psychics
in my brand new timmins
A house and a job, I'll be at 5th in a pinch
No tension, just a big dick at attention
Did I mention, daddy's willing and ready
To take you shopping with no thoughts
to the deeds to be dropping from your visit
Make a dollar fool to be spending
He'd be the man
and you like the wealth he be living)
Fake cheddar
Everyday flipping and grilling
But you're nervous
cause you really don't no one's attention
Is it true
Or is it just a body you walk in
to keep laughing
Cause he always jumping and talking
Hips, lips, fingertips, diamonds and pearls
All around the world, I like the girls

Ooh wee I like girls, I like girls
I like girls X4

But the red lights and stop signs
parlay with the stop time
It's already cracking as soon as I drop mine
Strap lines, white players and pimp
I'm permanent in the game
y'all niggas are temp
But back to the lecture at hand and no spit
Y'all fools gotta learn to be subtle with women
If baby got gift at Madison homey, yes
Honey got her own but don't act funny and
Treat her like she's special
without spending a penny
She walked in and you showed her
take her to dinner
Will out a candle, and light it
like a romeo low
And then look her in the eye
and tell her you broke
And if she trip on her grip
then it's time to chase
Cause you ain't got time for those
you got dollars to make
Gothia, Tammy, Sabrina, Tina, Sheena and Carol
All around the world, I like the girls

Chorus: ooh wee I like girls
I like girls, I like girls X4

I like girls, ooh wee I like girls
I like girls (coolio. com)

Short ones, tall ones, fat ones, skinny ones
Not just any one, but gimme one
Hoes and bitches, sluts and chickens
Fuck what they talking about, I like women
Black ones, white ones, yellow ones, brown ones
It's hard on a brother
when you looking for down one
Found one, then I, think you better keep her
But do your whole world
before you go to see the preacher
If she got potential then
you could try to take her
If she don't, just sleep her
homeboy cause it's cheaper
That's what the 600 cell phone on your beeper
And cheese in your pocket
can make you the leader
So call the rats out, with all the tats out
Here comes the pied piper
falls false than the viper
Long hair, short hair, straight or curls
Bring it over here baby, I like girls

Ooh wee I like girls, I like girls
I like girls X8

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