Cookin Soul

Listen, I was on the highway twistin'
With my uncle Snoop and we pimpin'
Listen, green screen behind me
Ice cream when it was 06
I was like seventeen with them niggas
Want a red Beam
What I want for Christmas?
Two gold teeth from my dentist
Oh my god man I need to print this
Man I'm apprentice
Man I need to Prince this
Man princesses in my ear did you witness
Snoop Dogg beside me, man did you get this
Man, I'm the

I get fit, I'm the freshest
You need fitness nigga ridiculous how I spit this
Off the tip tip of my high
Get my dick tip sucked by your thot on my cot
On the cot, on my yacht
What the fuck is you talkin' 'bout?
A$AP Rocky on the MTV
A$AP Rocky on the Forbes
A$AP Rocky in Dior
A$AP Rocky in yo' bitch drawers
A$AP Rocky in her walls
What the fuck nigga?
Get the fuck up out my balls
Congratulate me, round of applause
I swear to god man
I'm just sittin' with the Dogg
Snoop Lion, why you lyin' man
I'm just like the Iron Man
Yea, Salomon
Better holla man
Go to skate key back in days like man
Flacko all about the dollar man
Cozy tapes comin' on the way
In my young swoogy black [?] know you got the grapes
Everybody mad
Imma pass it to the uncle
Hit him with the funk, hit him with the pump
What you want?

What you want, what you need?
I'm Snoop Dogg and I supply all the weed
I'm the lion chasing down the zebras
Shout out to all the libras (ay ay libra gang)
Yea, that's us
And we don't fuck around, we just get the money and we come on up
We keep it laid back, niggas try to play with us
But they can't stay with us, but they bitches lay with us
We keep in the cut, make this shit move right
I keep this shit groovin' because I proved mines
A long time ago, when I was young yo
I'm just a MC trynna' get my flow yo
And when I got it right
I mean I got it tight
My shit blew up like the motherfucking satellite
I had people trynna' take pictures of me
Bitches wanna' lay down, they say they wanna' love me
Niggas wanna hug me
They mothers wanna hug me
Really didn't matter cuz' you niggas couldn't budge me
I'm the coldest when it comes to this freestyle
I'm big Snoop Dogg, yes I'm the G style
And you can open up the book and check my G-Files
I'm just floatin' on the water like a sea style
But let me give it to you niggas so you know the truth
It's Snoopy D-O-double G I'm spittin' in the booth
I'm sittin' back with my nigga Rocky cuz' he cool
And we gon' do this shit and take you niggas back to school
See I'm a fool when it comes to droppin' cold rhymes
Snoopy D-O-double-G I'm class of '89
I keep this shit poppin' off the dome and yes it's true
I wanna dedicate this one to you and you

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