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Wolverton Mountain

Connie Francis

They say don't go on Wolverton Mountain
If you're looking for a wife
Cause you're Clifton Clovers only daughter
And he's mighty handy with his gun and knife

Your tender lips are sweeter than honey
But Wolverton Mountain protects me there
And the bears and birds tell Clifton Clovers
If a stranger should wander there

All of my dreams are on Wolverton Mountain
But my daddy honey take your life
And I'll take my chances and I'll climb his mountain
And we'll be happy as man and wife

Your tender lips are sweeter than honey...

I'm going up on Wolverton Mountain
I know you're lonesome down there below
It's just not right to seperate us
Because we love each other so

Your tender lips are sweeter than honey...

We don't care about Clifton Clower cause our love is sweeter than flowers
We're gonna leave Wolverton Mountain it's gonna be just a matter of powers
We don't care about Clifton Clowers...

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