Mac Namara's Band

Connie Francis

Oh me name is Mac Namara I'm the leader of the band
Although we're few in numbers we're the finest in the land
We played wakes and weddings and at every fancy ball
And when we play to funerals we play the march from Saul

Oh the drums go bang and the crystals clang and the horns they blaze away
Mac Carthy pumps the old bassoon while the pipes do play
And Hennessey Tennessee tootles the flute and the music is something grand
A credit to old Ireland is Mac Namara's band

Oh I wear a bunch of shamrocks ad a uniform of green
I'm the funniest looking Swede that you have ever seen
There's O'Briens and Ryans and Meehans and Sheehans they come from Ireland
Hey by Yimminy I'm the only Swede in Mac Namara's band

Oh the drums go bang and the crystals clang...

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