Connie Francis

Gold (Remastered)

Who's jalopey is a-covered with junk
But don't have any money for lunch?
It's Hollywood, it's Hollywood
Who's the local star with the big fine car?
It's Hollywood

Who wears the shaded* glasses after dark
Who tries to talk the little girlies into th' parking?
It's Hollywood, Hollywood
Who's the local yocal with the horn-rimmed bi-focals?
It's Hollywood

Who else would hold a cigarette like that
Who else would wear a little "Frenchies hat"?
No one but Hollywood, Hollywood
Who thinks he's been around,
But ain't never been out of town?
It's Hollywood

I'll give you just one little guess
At who old Hollywood's trying to impress
You're right, it's Hollywood, Hollywood
Who's that farmer who thinks he's a charmer?
It's Hollywood

Compositor: John D. Loudermilk

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