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Does Ol' Broadway Ever Sleep

Connie Francis

Does ol' Broadway ever sleep does ol' Broadway ever sleep
Now I have seen ol' Broadway blink its eyes
But I've never seen it slumber deep
I've heard ol' Broadway just laugh out loud
And I've heard it softly weep
But no one answers when I ask does ol' Broadway ever sleep

They did the Charleston a long time ago and ol' Broadway loved it so
Then the Lindy came upon the scene and Broadway hollered hey go man go

Now ol' Broadway just do the twist
From the peppermint crowds to high society
But when Broadway's dancin' merrily
One thought one thought keeps hauntin' me

Does ol' Broadway ever sleep...

Or does it lie awake just countin' sheep
Oh does ol' Broadway ever sleep
Goodnight folks I'm goin' to bed

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