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The Sacred Enclosure Of Kerrii


A secret rise from the deep of past
(Prophecy in the story)

The Ancient God's have prepared the day
(We are ready for the glory)

The rage of wolf came into the hearts
(The fury is our allied)

The strong of bear came into the arms
(Our enemies already tremble)

The dark essence flow across the veins
(An inner pain erase my human state)

The fear collapse in the research of death
(Our cowardice is dead)

The sacred power mould me like the clay
(The Aura of Kerriì)

The hymn of the thunder consecrate the rain
(The Mountain tremble at the Evkluì breath)

"Go valiant man your moment is came
strong is your heart and strong is your fate,
the blood that you shed will feeding the ground,
the souls that you tear will feeding the Stars"

"The sacred Enclosur of Kerriì
it's open to the mighty warriors,
Their elms shining at shrine flames
their swords screaming revenge.
Mighty warriors, mighty warriors,
fights your holy war,
Your steel, your fire, your glory and pride,
Forever in the name of Divines"

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