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The Edge Of Pain


"Iam vaga coelo sidera
Fulgens aurora fugat
Surgit titan radiante coma
Mudonque diem reddit clarum
Age tot tantis onerata
Malis repete adsuetos
Iam tibi questus etque
Vince pandionais vulcres"

The shadows fall on frozen trees
Their leaves fell like all my dreams
Only dust trough my hands
No more tears in my eyes
The mirror of failure reflects my face
I have wasted my last chances
A pale of grey light coming from the Moon
Enlighten tonight my lonely pain

As the sun slowly disappears
Thousand of demons call my name
And soon the night enthrones herself
And paint in black a world already dark

Mother Death please sing your lullaby
And make my desperate night (...An eternal night)
Wrap my soul with your dismal cloak
And cut the roots of pain (...With your silver sickle)
Hurl me down in your perpetual shrine
Bury me where the tears fall down

Time degrades many things
The mean of life, hopes and dreams
Only noises in the silent die
Of our souls fallen from the sky

Life is like a cancer
That consumes you slowly like a candle
You can't offer resistence
To the relentless flow but the death

The past is just a painful memory,
The present is just a dismal interlude,
The future will be only an endless pain
That will decree the end of my miserable life.

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