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Like A Winter Storm


The darkness of the night is a friendly accomplice
Because makes you the essence of my velvet dreams

Dreams in which you swear me eternal love
And you promise that you'll never leave me alone
But the morning disperses these idyllic dim lights
No more dreams and no more hopes, only tears on my face

And I savour again the bitter flavour of life
And find myself far away from your ivory skin

Open your heart and let me settle
On it like candice snow on frozen flowers
I won't live in your shining ego to enlighten my horizon,
For days, for years, forever in your love.

Between souls there are gates,
Sometimes passion flows from there
Emotions raised by your love and tumultuous
Like a winter storm

Without sight and without hearing,
Light and sound would be just chaos
Without you I'll be like dust in the wind in the same way

I'm living in a shining world whose etenal slave I am
Where dart your glares and your voice resounds forever

I'm sure that if on earth exists the supreme delight
It will be up to the man who is nearby you.

Princess of my destiny
Donate your hearth to me
Within my dreams I leave
Waiting for your good will
Reflecting my eyes in yours
I drown in a lake of tears
We melt our souls into mist
Living in a timeless dream

Scarlet star
Light up my path
Guide my fate
Moonlight breath
Burn my hearth
Shining crystal
Dazzle my eyes

I feel your dreams
Touching the sky
Like a tender buttefly
I let them feed
On my love
I will be forever your rose

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