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Climbing The Stairs


Standing alone in a mystery
Standing alone in misery
I'm standing alone; it's a mystery?
The start of the war, it's the first to die
So on my own, in not the place to be

First, I see visions of insane men
Unaware on the stairs
Caught by the same gang
Pure hatred on young and aged faces
There's one, two, three
But they ain't leaving traces

As someone pushes past, I'm caught right in their path
I try to respond, but this just raises a laugh
A clenched fist punches hard, smashing the face
I try to turn and run
But they are all over the place
I'm pulling hard on the stair rail but this ain't my night
My shirt rips in two, as they hold me so tight
I feel a terrible blow, as something collides with skull
I fight back so hard, but the blades take their toll
So many shots on target, on the floor curled up tight
The crazed just won't stop, is this finally goodnight?
Now a feeling so strange, something won't let it die
And can't let them screw up the rest of our lives

I'm losing all, all track of time; I feel the pain of a real life crime
Boy they roar, let's open up his head, hey you see how far you've pushed this

I'm now praying that someone will turn up soon
I'm unaware that they are creeping down the back stairs
I shout, "hey, what am I getting this for?
I weren't even there, I didn't go past the door"

But the batons rain down, the boots pile in
Why don't they leave it, look at the state that I'm in?
The choppers chop hard, the blade cuts deep
Flesh hangs off in slices and I start to weep

The baton rain downs, the boots pile in
I feel a strange peacefulness building up within
The choppers chop hard the blood runs red
I feel total release, I think I must be dead

Back alive in the shadow of a dead man, I'm not alone
I'm reaching for the stair rails; instead I grab the hand of the father
I see a face; it's the face of my mother
There's someone else; it's the mother of my mother
Whose strong man is helping me?
Climb up the stairs from the misery
Climb and climb, the stairs from the mystery
Climbing the stairs for the unaware to see

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