Colours Run

There are stars in her hair
She is sad and she is fair
And I feel her filling up my future
We will try, try our best
Not to end up like the rest
If she cries, I will soothe her

But what's the use?

When my kids disown me
And when she has outgrown me
At last I'll see
There can be no victory
You and I forever
Tangled in our tethers

Pile on the years
She is hungry, she is fierce
And our love is the yoke around her shoulders
And this house that we found
Has become our battleground
As we dine on our scissors and stones

When our faith deserts us
And when our hope just hurts us
At last we'll see
There can be no victory
You and I forever tangled in our tethers
Choking on the end of the line

Won't anybody answer?

When your kids disown you
And when she has dethroned you
Then come with me
For a glass of sympathy
All of us together, tangled in our tethers
Crying, I still love her
Though I'm quite sick of her
And this is all I knew I'd ever get
From her

Compositor: Tim Cameron, Paul Robinson, Trev Kennedy

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