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Before The War

Colours Run

When we lost the human race
All our brains got replaced
And these robots never laugh
At my jokes
So take me back, before the war
And take these things - they're all yours
There is nothing
Nothing worth fighting for
You stole my drugs, crashed my car
But you left no lasting scars
Retribution slipped so soft, like a blade

We blew it up, knocked it down
But never tried giving ground
Now there's nothing left of love
But what I saved

I get tired winning games
When the pieces never change
And all the clever moves you make
Seem so tame
And you can sulk if you want, but don't you wonder
What's the point
When there's nothing left of love
Worth sulking for

And did you cry when you left me
Another year older, the world on my shoulders
And I'm still no closer
To finding a girl who won't bore me to tears
Not here
There's nothing worth fighting for, no
Don't remember what I did
Before the war

Compositor: Tim Cameron, Paul Robinson, Trev Kennedy

Letra enviada por Jonas Adenis Soares Filho

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