Help Me

Colin Hay

I've know you since you were born
Yeah I've been around for a while
It's me that you're standing on
You must tread carefully
For I'm not feeling strong
I've been raped and torn
So now before I'm gone

Help me
Help me please
Help me

Man makes wars on my seas and land
Yes I have seen them all
I have the scars on my face and hands
I can no longer say all will be well in my world
For I feel such pain
Tears fall down like rain

Help me
Help me please
Help me
Help me
Help me please
Help me

There is no beginning
There is no end
Ah, but money rules the day
You continue to cut down my trees
To make more burgers but you'll find it harder to breathe
And when my love has gone
You'll fall down on your knees

To help me
Help me please
Help me

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