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Dreamtime In Glasgow

Colin Hay

I can't begin to tell you
What is in my mind
So here I sit since last October
Sometimes I feel as if that I am mocking time
I'm doing my best at staying sober

And if you were to say to me
What is it that you want to be
I surely don't know
And if I seem a little slow
It's only dreamtime in Glasgow

I'd love to sit and talk
There's a lot I have to know
But I can't stay here and be happy
I'll buy you one drink my friend and then I have to go
For I have a wife and family
But I had to stop on my way home
To dream of places that I'll never roam
But meanwhile today
It is here that I will stay
Doing dreamtime in Glasgow

I still believe
I still believe

I dreamt I was drowning in the Clyde
I fell off the docks and into the rising tide
But then I realized
As I opened up my eyes
It's only dreamtime in Glasgow

It's only dreamtime in Glasgow
It's only dreamtime in Glasgow

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