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Dance With You

Colby O Donis

[Verse 1:]
Never felt like this before girl when you walked through that door, you hypnotized me can't you see, wanna be the only one to dance with you because your body looks so delicious to me, never seen a girl move like that, the way that shes working that back, I wanna get with that maybe take it to the back, maybe kiss all night cause you feeling me right, I wanna grind on you, doing my thing while your doing yours too, talking right now isnt neccessary cause momma cita girl I'm getting so into the mood. In the mood just to dance all night, girl cause the vibe is right, I know you feeling it to cause the way your body move I can see that the music is so into you.

O that bodys looking so right, got me pheening to touch all night, I just wanna dance with you, O that bodys looking so right, got me pheening to dance all night, I just wanna dance with you

[Verse 2:]
Now we turning up the heat dancing to this crazy beat, tell the DJ bring it up some more while you drop it to the floor, girl I be thinking about you and what I could do if we were on the dance floor. Girl I hope this feeling never stops, just let your body rock, I just wanna dance with you baby can't you see your styles got a hold of me, and it's taken control of me, doesnt wanna let go of me so I can't fight what the music tells me. Look at the time it's way past 2 and I just got started with you, this is gonna be a long night don't fight just get right to the morning light.


O your body moves like a snake ma, Ooo, I wanna taste ma, a taste of the way you move don't know what to do, baby I just wanna dance with you

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