Colbie Caillat

you loved it so much in the city
you know i could not stand it there
you liked to get lost in the people
and pretend that they really care
well you know you're such a bad impostor
hiding your wings beneath your coat
cause i watched your footprints making patterns
away from me into the snow

now i don't believe in nothing anymore

cause love is permanent not temporary
and it's driven straight into our chests, then buried
much too deep to just pull out like weeds in a garden
it's permanent, im sorry..

so lately i've been going crazy
trying to get you off my mind
cause thoughts of you hang just like pictures
and gather dust over the time
well we hung them up just like real lovers
and drove our nails into the wall
cause we thought they'd be there forever
but we weren't permanent at all..

and it's getting much too hard to see you now


Compositor: Colbie Caillat & Jason Reeves

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