Coeur de Pirate

I ran an endless race
To leave the land I know
Sometimes I feel so restless
Some things I'll never show

But you held my hand
Through the wind, our cold
And if there's a fight, you said
I won't face it alone

And undone is what I am
You won't ever see me through
But as I stand tall with you, I know
That I'll be whole again
You'll make me whole again

You carried all my fears
You let my demons play
And constant lights are cast upon
Our path to better days

So in sickness and thunder
You'll stay by my side
And if our bones must shudder
We'll find peace of mind

And I tried and I tried to rest our fears where we lay
But the lights and the fights we hold they could leave us astray
And just try to leave me love me love me as I am
But we try can we not do this in vain

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