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I Will Never Find Another You (With The Tide)

Cody Simpson


It must be really love
If you Would wanna stand
on the sun or on the fire
Cos lately everything that I touch
Seems to burn to the ground

I've looked in 30 pairs of eyes
Tryna find
oh the light you've had in yours

But something in me cannot seem to close the door

I'd go walking in the mornings by the lake
Where we used to swim all Sundays
I have memories of a girl all by the lamp post
in a dressed and shining shoes
I can never seem to get it Through my mind
That I might always be blue
Cos I will never find another you

Is it really truth If you have to
search the world to try to find it?
Or should I practise patience for the day
That you burst back into view?
If I saw you on the street
would it be instant
Or where we've had to be we introduced?

Face the things I wonder with the moon

All I want for Christmas
Is the feel the way I felt when I was 17
When I had you on my chest out on the boat on the middle in June

Little did I know that was the glad-est That I was ever allowed to be
Too soon did it all fade from view
Oh now, I will never find another you

Now I'm stuck in New York City
With a job and I heard you're out in Paris
Now I'm thinking about the night I took you out
And we were dancing on the roof
I was writing you a letter and now I
realised I have no place to send it to
Now I finally come to terms with the truth
Oh that I will never find another you

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