Now that I’m alone I feel the lonely brokeness
Of all the wicked avenues I’ve ever sold my love on
All these moments of meekness and trembling subsided
In the outright abandon of this orphan child
Home is on the highway living on soft bread and solace
I guess I’m waiting for nightfall or a solar eclipse
And to wake up half empty
Only to be filled again with mourning
He’s my evil shadow dove
My black Palamito Can’t break him like a diamond skull
I can’t seem to do so Can’t just rob him out like the
mob used to do so Like memories of porno and tearstains
and tobacco O its a miny disastro
Bigger than the ice age don’t know if baby dinosaurs
Maybe could live through it, like indians and butterflies
What’s crushed is my spirit, O I fear it is too fragile
Like fall leaves burn like paper

I always knew I would spend a lot of time alone
No one would understand me
Maybe I should go and live amongst the animals
Spend all my time amongst the animals
And on the tracks I would go they lead to the sea
To be amongst the animals

Oh I’m just a fill leaf something simple and shy like that
That’s how my heart lies down beside the sidewalk
Like an empty restaurant filled with perfume and balloons
I sit and entertain the bizarre ghosts of my soul
His name still lingers maybe lactates on my tongue
Perhaps I’m just teel him for a foreign fallen destiny
Miserable but mine I look like his mother
Or Sophia foren in a old fashioned movie
Slow motion motion I cling to my child desperate for love
On day soon my brother died made me remember all the
Subordinate feelings I cast aside
Maybe I had lied when I said I was ok
Just getting along like a little song that stops to sing and say
“Wild willow, windy winter won’t you blow through me
My who eternity”

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