To Blame

Coast Be Efies

We should do what heart told us to make I don´t believe that it could be fake I say that it´s not even if the whole world is against me don´t care about what they might tell me we are always judging only for aspect appearances are never what they seems to be so why blame someone who doesn´t seem that act like you expected? Becoming the mainly guilty for creating this cycle of life society is still leaded by men of knowledge with bad intentions how could we stop this desecration? I don´t want this way of life forever in our lives whatever you do don´t harm someone don´t care just about yourself thinking that you are the one how can you be so selfish to live in this shit thinking you´re in peace? Awhile people die for men like you paying attention to their money so called honey you would die for a big part of this you´re thinking that you can buy your peace but you are sponsoring the poverty your acts come back to you in ways that life tells us to live but you learn to leave the problems you forbid.

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