Close Your Eyes

Empty Hands and Heavy Hearts

Go ahead and push me down again.
They won't let me stand; I mean nothing to them
Still I find myself cold and all alone
These days never change, Why do their hearts stay the same?

I can't escape the weight of my mistakes
No matter what I do, they won't let me forget
Every step seems harder than the last
I am crushed under the hearts of callous men.

I keep asking why their hearts have stay the same

I can hear them say that I'll always be this way,
But am I so different that I can never change?
Their hearts won't heal all the scars that they have made
How can they forget that I am still a man?

This world has left me with nothing
I am just another face
And the ones that are called to love me
Turn away in disgrace
But what they can't understand
I have so much more to give
Behind this face full of scars

I am still a man.

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