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Roots Of Disease



Fruit of love or fruit of scorn
Pleasure’s son
Pulled out of pain
Spit out to life

Succumbing to temptation
Bearing the laws of human nature
Consequence of the procreation
Suffocated in search of the cure

Painful or calm death?
Feeling the duty done
Clear conscience or regret?

Roots of disease

Sentenced by nature
Obligation to accomplish the mission
The fate doesn’t matter
Just the honor of the spirit

You can deceive anyone, but not yourself
Be free and follow no rules that sentenced you
You are condemned now
Follow your intuition, that’s all you have
If you do not respect what I say,
Fuck you! Each one has fun with their own disease

By Phmetal

Compositor: Daniel Bonfogo E Marcos D'angelo

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