If you life in this shit world and can survive
Fuck off, shut up and take care about your life
Questions, faiths, thoughts
Are not worthy with no attitude

Scared for the circumstances
Living and accepting the consequences
I don’t care for mercy
I follow my nose, according to my soul

The challenges make my blood flows
The hypocrisy makes me thirsty for cure
I seek for no revolution
I seek for the evolution

Who I am to cross your war?
Who are you to cross mine?
Is your battle merciless?
Mine is worse

“I know you are fearful bastard
Scared of my brutal reality
I never beg for mercy
Like a soulless coward like you

I know you got afraid when I move
I shall bring the doom of your faith
In my battlefield will meet your decay
Sentenced to taste my pain
The end of your days is here”

By Phmetal

Compositor: Alex Camargo / Daniel Bonfogo / Caio D'angelo

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