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Master Of Dark Sorcery

Cirith Gorgor

Veiled in the repulsive shadows of sorcery
I am the usurper of darkness
Ready to unchain the heralds of Apocalypse
Plague, war, death and famine

My citadel lies shining in the cold light of the moon
Invocating spells of destruction in the directions of
the wind
I watch the forlorn valleys and breathe the frozen air
Patiently I wait, until desolation rules everywhere

My decadence and dissoluteness
Beheld by believers with envy
Delightedly ripping pounding hearts out
With an unsatisfied gluttony

In my dominion of shadows
Feasted with delight, lust and obscurity
Atrocious music flows through the air
Impetuous master of dark sorcery

Roaming beyond the dark spheres of eternity
I am the devourer of burning flesh and phlegmy bone
Flying on my wings of blackened impurity
I will finally conquer my magical throne

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