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Der Untergang / Победа!!!

Cirith Gorgor

Act I - The Road to Stalingrad
Hear the ominous tale of one of the great battles in
mankindÂ?s bloody history
Fought on the shores of the Volga river in the
vastness of the Russian territory
Oh cursed yet glorified name of Stalingrad -
immortalized for centuries to come
Where so many died a valiant death, and any human
awareness grew utterly numb

Three million troops follow their FührerÂ?s call
Marching for honour, oil and Â?LebensraumÂ?
Venturing into the unknown Soviet realm
Endeavouring the eastern Titan overwhelm
History was shaped henceforth and inconceivably
Into the (Third) ReichÂ?s ultimate fall, eventually
Nonetheless, those high moral and vigorous summer days
Such contrast to the carnage guiding many to their
final resting place

As the vast army marches forward across the desolate
Kaukasus plane
Great in number, contemptuous eyes aflame with the
programmed hatred they contain
Towards that illustrious city where their miserable
fate will be ultimately beset
The long and arduous journey to Stalingrad - walking
the path of the dead

As the city walls draw ever nearer now
Obliged to their everlasting FĂĽhrer-vow
The 6th army strides towards itÂ?s final bane
Â?TsaritsynÂ? will soon bequeath its violent disdain
Comrades - millions lying dead on tortured ground
Valiant souls forever to this scorched earth bound
On this eve the Soviets hear the (German) battle cry
But HistoryÂ?s decree, haha... none shall ever defy!

Act II - The Battle of Stalingrad
(102.0) Mamajev Koergan - the ancient burial ground
Where the gruesome voices of the dead in eternity
Â?RattenkriegÂ? obliteration - the stench of rotting
corpses fills the air
Through cold, disease and sadistic rivalry now emerges
infinite despair

TsjoeikovÂ?s 62nd - bleeds for the iron force of
comrade StalinÂ?s might
Tremendous clamour of the battle, the sheer brutality
with which divided Soviets fight
The legendary factories of Stalingrad dominate the
suffering cityÂ?s northern part

(Dzerzhinsky, Barrikady, Silikat, Red October, Lazur)
Apocalyptic clash within their burnt remains, worn-out
soldiers constantly enduring hellish pains
(In the streets, the Luftwaffe warrants the red
armyÂ?s forces utter death from the sky)

Prelude to assault on Red October - where the wolf the
sheep will finally become
Now on the dawn of coming winter, von PaulusÂ? forces
destined to their foe succumb!
Massive Soviet artillery effectively eliminates the
(concentrating) German lines
In these ruthless days of culminating massacre
efficiently the German moral undermines
The Russians do avert the fall of Stalingrad by the
sheer exhaustive sacrifice of many lives
Beyond belief their 62nd army, this shattering
encounter only just survives

(The red army launches its most formidable operation
Forward! Comrades march! Eradicate the final German
Ferociously cut their throats! For our unified
fatherlandÂ?s supremacy!
Onward! Brothers, follow my call! Unchain our
invigorated wrath!!
Stalingrad in ruins (our renowned city forlorn), yet
regard our (novel) glorious path...
(Cursed Stalingrad)

Act III - Epilogue: When Wolf Becomes Sheep - The Road
to Berlin
At Stalingrad, innumerable soldiers heroically gave
their lives for their motherland
In retrospect, the vicious battle at the Volga river,
delivered within the remnants of a once proud
Yet such condemned city, embodies the destruction and
comprehensive humiliation of the German Forces,
a manifest reality which would haunt its FĂĽhrer all
along their successive retreat to Berlin
The roads to Stalingrad were covered with the remains
of a dying German army, the bodies of
Countless German soldiers denoting the harsh aftermath
of this most cruel and decisive battle

At last, behold the proud Soviet flag governing
Mamajev Koergan
Remember this splendid day forth, with the alien
tyrant now gone!!!

And there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor
neither shall there be any more pain: for the former
things are passed away...

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