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Demonic Incarnation

Cirith Gorgor

The present days are darker than before,
Yet our fearsome glory fades away no more
Ancient symbols carved in human skin,
Whilst our occult rituals begin

The witches? knowledge of the days forlorn,
Revealing deadly spells of wrath and scorn
Speak the words which open wide the Gate,
Forever seal the worthless mankind?s fate

Come forth supreme demons wise and strong,
Enchained and eagerly awaiting for so long
Incarnate through human flesh and spirit,
Eternity is yours, for I percieve it

Ancient demons rising forth from Hell
Enter this dimension by mighty witches? spell
Summoned to this world by human birth
To serve our Master?s glory, the true Lord of the

Emerging from the fiery depths of Hell,
Incarnation through our empty human shell
Plague and evil spread to christian liars,
Our souls condemned to the infernal fires

Forgotten Gates are opened wide at last,
Releasing hateful demons from the past
Human sins will never be forgotten,
Untill their flesh is blackened, dead and rotten

The dawn of their demise is now at hand,
As we drink their blood and burn their land
Ancient symbols carved in human skin,
our souls are black for we?re demonic kin

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