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Conquering The Shadowworld

Cirith Gorgor

[Lyrics: Marchosias]

Wandering draped in smothered moonlight
Distant memories consume my mind
Amidst these blackened ancient woods
The profound smell of grievance slumbers
Unfolding dreams seem vague but still
As the fields of old draw near
And these mountains I still recognise
(Bloodstained memories emerge)

"I see a maiden, young and fair, falling lifeless to the ground
A gleam once touched her face and hair yet now is nowhere to be found
Slain by black, audacious steel, her earthly ties are torn
Hatred chose her fate to seal through this malicious scorn"

A flash turns fire into stone
The gruesome dark of night weighs stronger
Striding forth through veils of fog
Unable to conquer my shadowworld
A sudden outburst lights the sky
Reveals the tortured ground I stand
Once again my body trembles
And longhidden visions come to mind

"I see her face cast into stone, engraved in darkness since that day
Under a moon so blue and roan her purest splendour fades away
But behold a cosmic sign as swirling clouds pass by
A new-born, bright star burns in line and lightens up the astral sky"

After all these years that passed
Here over the fields of old
I stumble upon an ancient stone
The air around it dead and cold
Suddenly all is clear to me
As the shadowworld opens its gates once more

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