Cigarettes After Sex


Cigarettes After Sex

I remember when I first noticed
That you liked me back
We were sitting down in a restaurant
Waiting for the check
We had made love earlier that day
With no strings attached
But I could tell that something had changed
How you looked at me then

Kristen, come right back
I've been waiting for you to slip back in bed
When you light the candle

And on the lower east side
You're dancing with me now
And I'm taking pictures of you
With flowers on the wall
Think I like you best
When you're dressed in black
From head to toe
Think I like you best
When you're just with me and no one else
And I'm kissing you lying in my room
Holding you until you fall asleep
And it's just as good as I knew it would be
Stay with me
I don't want you to leave

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