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Thug Style



You changed the game
I like it thug style

Hey you, it's me, turn the music down
So you can hear my invitation
Now what I want you to do
Is come through the crib right now
Without hesitation

So don't ask me what I want
Cause I want you to hurry up
And get over here and see me
Act just like you need me
Hurry, hurry, hurry
Got ten minutes

Where you at
Looking at my clock, it's about that time
Knock, knock
There you is
I’ve been waiting on you for a long, long time
Baby don’t stop, stop
I don’t mind if you make me (hot, hot)
Cause I'ma keep your love on (lock, lock)
Lock, oh, oh yeah

You changed the game
I like it thug style
When I'm around you
You always make me smile
Boy, you're so exciting
Come on don’t deny me
Oh, let's take our time
Oh, let's do it right
You changed the game
I like it thug style

Now my parents are gone
And I can't believe it's me who needed to see you
Nobody's home, we can kick it all night
I no that you don’t have a curfew

Now don’t move too fast
But don’t move too slow
Baby catch the rhythm that I'm giving you
Oh, I love the rhythm
I’m feelin' you

Something 'bout you
That’s got me wantin' you like I do
Baby, now I can't wait for your love
I anticipate, oh
Baby just tell your friends
That you won't be with them tonight
Baby, it's you and me
So put your hands up and feel this, oh


It's Ciara and Jazze Pha
Oh boy, you gotta love it, that's right

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