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Boy Outta Here (Feat. Rick Ross)



I see that she's sexy
She sees him succesful
She takes like a pepsi
She says to be special
Let's shoot for the stars
I mean how can we miss it
The game…
Bitch go get me a kiss
She keepin' me so freaking
A ball like a magic
Let's go half on the falcus
How my paper keeps stackin'

Got to stay out of filth
He gettin' that spanach
Like a …
Living richer than never
This is hard as it gets
Choose invisible leather
I'm hard as a brick
Wish to speak to Ciara
That's like making a wish
Always get what I want
That's on top of my list

Still back still back
Watch me heat it all
Hit it up
Yeah I know you wanna beat it all
Take a look at my curves
Know you wanna ride
You wanna take me home tonight
You're speaking in a language that I can't understand
I'm looking for someone that ain't afraid to be a man
I'm talking full grown it ain't about the pockets
I need someone that can steal my heart and like it
All you do is talk about your Dallas

Composição: Harvey Mason, Jr., Damon Thomas, Blake "King X" Reynolds, Kenneth Coby, Ciara

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