Christina Perri

Roses In The Rain

Christina Perri

a lighter shade of blue

Monday morning, see the children on their way to school
Clouds are hangin' low around my heart, the air is cool
I've got the strangest feelin', like I'm waiting for a train
Lookin' out the window at the roses in the rain

I walked around the supermarket, talking to myself
The man behind the counter asked me if I need some help
I knew that he could see it, but he didn't know what to say
So I asked him if he knew about the roses in the rain

Maybe in a little while, I'll put some coffee on
Can't stop wonderin' where the spirits go when they are gone
Maybe it was tomorrow, but it felt like today
You and I were walkin', you and I were walkin'
You and I were walkin' through the roses in the rain

Composição: Leandro

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