Heart For Sale

Christina Perri

I've got a heart for sale
It's a little worn, and torn, and pale
If it beats, then I'll make you a deal
I'll give it to you for free,
If you can love it, carefully,
And get, it away from me.

I know that I
Should keep it for a while
And learn what it
May need to survive
But I can't, no I won't
Make it through
One more loveless bruise

I can't seem to get it right
But I try, and try, and try
In the end, I just lose all the fights
And crawl back home to hope my heart
Can make it through
Another night of the same, Oh pain.


I'll give you a try
If your not satisfied,
Then send it back
And I'll mend the cracks
And I'll look for another buyer.


Tired of being used
You don't know, What I've been through.

by Gabriel Leite

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