Broken Rules

Christina Perri

I wanna get to know what you have below
That handsome halo that you show
I wanna get behind the light in your eyes
In case your smile is hiding some darkness I love inside

And it might not be the right time
But that's when they say I'll find
The next great love of mine
So tell me who's making these rules
And if you'd like to break them too
'Cause if you do, then baby I'm following you

I wanna take a quick taste of your lips
In case they're perfection to kiss
And I swear that I'll be gentle with your promises
And I know that this isn't slow
Like a friend said we should go
But I don't wanna miss on the chance to hold
Someone like you really close


I think you should know that I'm broken
I hope you're broken too
'Cause I believe that two broken pieces don't need no glue


I'll follow you
I'll follow you

by Gabriel Leite

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