We Ain't Worried

Christina Milian

[Hook] x2
Tell me what you finna do
We ain't trippin' off them niggas, boo
I told all my friends come through
Yeah they know they bad, they single too

[Verse 1]
Niggas tryna stop me, y'all in traffic
Me and all my girls, we always laughin'
Nothin' changed since like '04
We don't know you if you owe dough
Not interested in chillin' with chickens that's choosey
Wanna smoke, baby hit this platinum hookah
I got thangs all across the globe
Milian, bitch you better know
I've been workin' on some things
Disappear like David Blaine
All you gotta do is go for sure
Just tell me what you wanna know

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2]
What's up with these niggas? They be trippin'
Caught up with these hoes, they be slippin'
Bands [?] , they ain't pimpin'
I was your biggest catch but you kept on fishin'
Now I'm in the club finna turn it up
We be on them million, know you heard of us
Cause we them baddest women that you've ever seen
Tina Turn Up! I put that on everything
Lauren be my designated driver
Tonight I'm turnin' up a little higher
Turn up to the max, turn up to the max
Cause once you turn it up, it ain't no turnin' back

[Hook] x2

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