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Miss You Like Crazy

Christina Milian

It's About Time


I miss you like the sky misses the birds
I miss you like a song without the words
And everyday away from you it hurts
Cause Im missin you like crazy
I miss you like the sun misses the day
I need you like the desert needs the rain
And baby it's driving me insane
Cause Im missing you like crazy

Verse 1:

Sitting here, thinkin' bout'
How much you, you mean to me
Your my love, my baby
Your my friend, my homie
What we got can't be replaced
I see no one, taking ya space
Anywhere you take me I follow


Cuz everytime I gotta go
I look into your eyes and then I know
You'll be waiting for me
And no matter how long that mabye
I know that you are always there for me
Oh.baby, I cant wait until I have you here


Verse 2:

Somtimes at night, I get it bad
I think about the times we share
So I rush To call yo u hoping you miss me too
The special way you say my name
You're not here si I hold
My pillow



Baby, Im missing you like crazy
And Im hoping that you mis me too
Im missind you like crazy

(chorus until song fades)

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