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Morrison Hotel



"President" Johnson has already gone
"Watergate" Nixon plays an old sax trombone
Washington's so old, baby
don't be so square
I ain't got a baby and you know
I don't care

There's a party happening
around the swimming pool
C'mon over there, baby, please
don't be so cruel
This place is so nice, this place is so well
I'll come every time on Morrison Hotel

Tell me, baby blue
what's happening here?
I became a lover, I ain't got a fear
Let's running fast in on
a ninety-mile car
C'mon, baby, run, the hotel is not so far

You've got a running gun
you've got your babe free
If you are too hungry
you can climb an apple tree
This place is so nice, this place is so well
I became a lover, baby
on Morrison Hotel

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