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Spirit Cry


Wipe away your tears my children, dry your eyes and rise again. Lift up your heads Jah people turn your hearts from Babylon. Cast off all those things that hold you down, come break these heavy chains that bind you now 2X. Chorus: Lord I say Spirit- CRY. Earthman- CRY. Spirit- HIGH. Jah love for- I AND I. Wipe away your tears my children leave the lie and seek His face lay all your cares before Him find in Him your hiding place. And when you are weak with nothing left to pray His Spirit's interceding for the things you heart can't say. And if your heart should break and if your world caves in He will take your broken spirit and build you up again. Chorus. I sing for the one that set I free come drink and never thirst again set your spirit free. Come feast upon the bread that feeds my soul, live upright in the sight of Jah Jah He'll take control. Chorus 2X

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