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Set Me Free


I am falling, falling, falling
Lord hear me calling, calling, calling
I am descending and it seems never ending

Set me free
Hear me crying for freedom (2x)

No chains are on my feet, but I am not free
Captive of my own devises down in slavery
Illusion is my key to not being found
But confusion it has led me to the ground
With my eyes so dry and my heart it's so cold
I am full of compromise what was faith is now old
Entangled I am strangled by the pride of life
First it gives me a kiss and then it cuts like a knife
Oh my Lord tribulation and strife.


I say the same prayer again and again
I ask forgiveness and then I fall into sin
I have performed the role and played the part
My conscience is seared and my heart it is hard
I do not do what I want to, I do what I don't
Things the Holy Spirit lead me to I just won't (Romans 7:15-20)
My flesh is weak but my God He is strong
And yet I still keep falling into the wrong


Pick me up and dust me off I need your help
I pray lead me not into temptation (Matt 6:13)
And then I lead in myself
I try to deny, I just want to justify
But I cannot run and hide from the truth that's inside
I must face the convictions at war within me so
I Make the confession down on my knee
I can do all things through Him who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13)
It is through JESUS CHRIST I receive victory (I Cor 15:56-57)


I was falling, falling, falling
You heard me calling, calling, calling
I was descending and it seemed never ending

No chains are on my feet
And now I am free, released from the devises of mine own slavery
I cried to the Lord and He heard my plea
It was through the Father's Son I received victory (I Cor 15:57)
Oh my Lord I praise You for Your mercy

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