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Royal One (Feat. Solomon Jabby)


He is royal, He is regal
He is the prince of peace for Him people

This One is a phenomenon
Phenomenon 1, Phenomenon 2, Phenomenon 3
This One is a phenomenon
Phenomenon 1, Phenomenon 2, Come follow me

Well in the blink of an eye
The universe was made from naught
Them say Him come from the sky
And that He's the Truth and Light
See celestial hosts flying
Out of Heaven from Zion
To commune with Him people
Inna Paradise

He is royal, He is regal
He is the Prince of Peace for Him people
Well He is dressed in a robe of light
So that the darkness cannot hide
He is the Almighty-I
This ya one ya named

Chorus 1
True, true
Him a the Royal One
Me say true, true
The Father's only Son
This ya true, true
Him send Him 'pon a mission
With a plan to save man
From the evilous one

Guardian of all galaxies
The Royal One shines His light
So that all can see
Save humanity, humanity
And rescue us from
This evilous sin disease

The Guardian of the galaxy
The son of Jah has come to
Save the world from catastrophe
His Majesty, His Majesty
Save humanity
And make a perfect masterpiece

Chorus 2
True, true
Him a the Royal One
A me say true, true
The Father's only Son
A this ya true, true
Him never fight with weapons
Put your boots in the truth
Of the One from Zion

Well ever since the day in the garden
With Adam and Eve
Lucifer has been free to tempt humanity
He knows the truth and the evil root
That comes out of his seed
He knows his destiny... for eternity
So him come up with a plan to corrupt man
And bring us down with he
Because misery it loves company
If only there was one
That could save us from his deeds
The Son of Man is He
So the enemy must flee me say
(Chorus 2)

Well He was born of a virgin
And Him died so I could truly live
I thank You for this sacrifice
My King the greatest gift
When them tried to bury me
You picked me up and carried me
My knee will always bend for You
Because You're always there for me

When I was dead You said to "Awaken! "
When I was drowning
You saved me from this mayhem
(You are) royal, regal, a rebel for the people
Lord You're my hero so ever will I need You
(Chorus 1 & 2)

The Royal One a the Light inna the world
So that we can see
A Him carry light come give the people
So darkness must flee

It name pernaminent, pernaminent
Pernaminent, pernaminent
Listen to the rhythm that a nice and decent
Pernaminent, pernaminent
Pernaminent, pernaminent
This ya one ya strong tougher than the pavement
A God... the Royal One

Compositor: M. Mohr ,RedCloud ,J. Nalimu

Letra enviada por Samuel Santos

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