Only Way



I see them gathered before the congregation (2Pet 2:1)
On television before every nation, oh no
Catholic, Christian (Protestant), Hindu, Muslim and Jew (Deut 5:7 & Psalm 96:5)
They sing the same song (Congregation says "Amen")
Under the guise of unification (2Tim 4:3)
They claim that we serve the same God of Creation, oh no (2Tim 4:4)
It's an abomination of desolation (Isaiah 42:8 & Matt 24:15)
Where did we go wrong?
Where did we all go wrong?

Christ is the only way, yeah... (Phil 2:9-10 & 1Tim 2:5)
Nah listen to the hypocrites and what them a say, yeah (1Tim 4:1-2)
He is the only way, yeah (Acts 4:12 & John 14:6)
Nah listen to the false prophets and what them sayin' (Matt 24:11-25)
Nah listen what them sayin' (1John 4:1)
Ooh nah hear what them sayin' (2Pet 2:1)
Nah listen what them sayin' (1Tim 6:3).

Who has ears to hear (Matt 11:15)
Let him hear
The words I say
Who has eyes to see (Eph 1:18)
Let him see (Heb 12:2)
The light today (2Pet 1:19, Isaiah 9:2 & Psalm 19:7-8).

I beg you listen to the words that I say, yeah
Don't be distracted by the games that they playin' (1John 4:1 & 1Cor 15:58)
So many scattered and so many gone astray, yeah (Rev 12:9, 1Pet 2:25, 1Co 12:2 & Deut 7:4)
Seek His kingdom today (Matt 6:33 & Jer 29:13)
Seek His kingdom today (Prov 8:17, Psalm 32:8 & Hebrews 4:7), yeah!


And don't let them fool you
For many will come claiming to be Messiah, yo yo (Matt 24:4-5)
And they will lead so many astray (Matt 24:5 & 24)
What a terrible day
What an awful day (Matt 24:19-22)

(Chat Chorus)

Wide is the gate and broad is the road that leadeth to destruction (Matt 7:13)
Straight is the gate and narrow is the way that leadeth to eternal life, (Matt 7:14) yeah

A just a bubble...
Waoop / Badoop / Waoop / Shoo badoop doop / Waoop / Badoop doop / Waoop / Shoop shoop badoop doop

Uh! A just a bubble we a bubble
And we ain't looking for no trouble, no
A just a bubble we a bubble
And we're not looking for no...

It's either fact, fiction, or fraud
He is (either) a lunatic, a liar, or the Lord (1Cor 15:6 & Jude 1:25)


Uh! Well I said wide is the gate and broad is the road that leadeth unto destruction (Prov 14:12)
So many man and woman ago pass through that one (Matt 7:13)
You see there is a way that seemeth right to a man but the end is destruction (Prov 16:25)
So make up your mind and make sure you decide
Choose this day whom you will serve (Josh 24:15, Luke 4:8, Matt 6:24 & 1Cor 8:5-6)

(Congregation ends with the Lord's Prayer).

Compositor: Mark Morh

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