My Eyes


My eyes, my eyes, You touched my burning eyes

Sitting on a corner trying to beg for a piece of bread
Oh God of King David I ask you why my life is so dread?
You came unto me
I felt your love pierce right through me
You touched me with your healing hands and you wept
Who are you man?

(Pre Chorus):
I thank you friend for what you've done for me
Yes I thank you friend was blind but now I see

You filled my eyes with fire
My eyes were filled with fire
My eyes, my eyes were filled with fire
My eyes were filled with fire.

For so many years I've been cursed, afflicted with darkness
Giving me the gift of sight was a blessing
That seemed otherwise hopeless
You've set my eyes on fire, given me my hearts desire
This compassion you have shown was an act of love
I've never known

(Pre Chorus)


I must admit I don't know who you really are
Could it be you are the Son of God?
Wherever you go that's where I would like to be
Because you were the only one that was ever there for me


Listen here man of mystery
Where are you from? Where's your destiny?
You've shocked me with your burning vision
I want to follow you on your mission

(Pre Chorus)

(Chorus 2x)

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