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My Defender


Well I don't care what they say 'cause I'm not going away
They're fighting us every day but we won't stop the reggae--no way

God He is my defender
I won't surrender to their gossip and slander--tell them!
And though they spread propaganda I won't respond because the Lord is my defender

Well I refuse to be violent 'cause God is not silent
When the wicked and deceitful ones opened their mouths
Against me their fighting with lies and backbiting
With words full of hatred you see them surround
See them attack a man without any cause
I won't retaliate, I'm not fighting their wars
They try to magnify the Christian man's flaws
But I refuse to war with this pack of outlaws


What's good for the goose is not good for the gander
See them a promoting them false propaganda
Dilute the Word with them secular agenda
Talk about them Christians--me know them a pretender
Come out of the darkness from whence you have hidden
Stop promoting slackness, you know it is forbidden
A serious talk this is not just a jingle
Light and the dark--the two nah go mingle



So see the hypocrites them a go along down there
Su su 'pon the corner with a ray ray ray
No bother listen what the gossiper say
Me no mix or mingle inna them a lay lay
So I won't be distracted
I won't get sidelined
I won't be disrupted with God on my mind
I'm a man on a mission with work to be done
I'll fulfill my vision of unity as one


Well persecution is a promise
It's a guarantee
If they're not against us then you should worry
So no bother to fret--it's not a big thing
You'll never find a servant treated better than his King!
(Chorus 2x)


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