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Hearts of Fire (feat. Kevin Kinsella)


Aahh... (Repeat)

These hearts of fire
Don't want no water
Blood of the martyrs
Lambs to the slaughter

They sacrifice their lives for Christ
Dying for their faith
Blood of the innocent
Prepare the way
Open the gates (aahh)
Receive the saints (aahh)
We celebrate (aahh)
They've found their place (aahh)

Imagine if they broke down your front door today
And put a (gun) barrel to your head
"Deny Christ and you'll live, " they say
"Stand for Him, you'll be dead! "
I shall decree (aahh)
I'm following the Nazarene (aahh)
I'll stand and say (aahh)
I walk with the Man from Galilee (aahh)

Listen, remember back in the Bible days
Stephen was martyred for his faith
Before accusers unashamed
They hurled stones while Stephen prayed
"I see the Heavens, they are open wide
and the Son of Man at God's right side
Judge them not, Father, for their sin. " (Acts 7: 54-60)
And so the story of the church begins

See them standing before the throne
Dressed in garments of white (Rev 6: 11)
Angels singing "Hallelujah"
On their heads He placed a crown (Rev 2: 10)
On their heads He placed a crown

Today's treatment of Christians in many nations is disturbingly reminiscent of the brutal persecution of first century Christians

In North Korea, thousands of Christian families are imprisoned in penal labor camps, with 80 executed last year for possessing Bibles

Kidnapped! 276 Christian school girls in Nigeria

Iran raids church services, punishing Christians with prolonged detention, torture and executions

We're hearing horrifying reports of crucifixions and Christians being buried alive, including children

A brutal video of 21 orange-clad Egyptian Christians simultaneously beheaded!

Around the world, amid the violence, persecution, civil war and mass death, more and more are coming to Christ through the blood of these martyrs

Compositor: M. Mohr , K. Kinsella

Letra enviada por Samuel Santos

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